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This is where Homes in Barcelona comes in: we specialise in value-for-money properties in the best locations both in Barcelona City and its coasts (Maresme, Garraf, Costa Brava). Properties are admitted to our listings only after a thorough due diligence process has been completed and even then only if the financial terms are attractive, particularly for non-residents.

Our company has successfully established a leading reputation in helping non-Spanish buyers enter the residential property market, while staying true to our core principles: we are dynamic, full of enthusiasm and easy to do business with, treating each client with the utmost care and attention while striving for excellence at all times.

But finding the right property for you is only the beginning of the journey. There is still a long road ahead, as shown for example by the NIE application process. If you don’t plan your NIE application in advance you may end up paying a deposit on a property that you will not be able to purchase because notaries require foreigners to be in possession of this document to complete the purchase. If you live abroad then matters are likely to get complicated and you may find yourself travelling to Spain several times before you’re able to complete the purchase.

If you plan on buying your property using bank finance, we will also help to organise the preparation of the mortgage paperwork, the property evaluation, the technical survey (when necessary) and so on…

The arrangement of the final purchase agreement (Escritura) is crucial when it comes to a non-Spanish buyer, as special legal documents are required by the notary which the seller’s agent is not always aware of. Mistakes in the final agreement could mean travelling back and forth to Spain, wasting precious time and money in the process. Homes in Barcelona has years of experience in advising non-Spanish buyers and managing their property investment in Barcelona and its coasts. We will make sure that all the small details are taken care of and will assist you in coordinating all aspects of the deal.

How to get your NIE in Barcelona

This article will explain how to obtain a NIE number (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros) The NIE number is a number you need for most of the governmental bodies in Spain and is comparable with the English SSN-number. Although the main procedure for obtaining the document is the same in the whole of Spain, little differences may occur in different regions of the country.

The NIE-number is required to:

  • work
  • receive a salary
  • sell or buy a property in Spain
  • get insured
  • get a bank account
  • pay tax
  • apply for social security
  • apply for a drivers license
  • apply for a mobile phone subscription

Where to apply for your NIE in Barcelona

Applying for the NIE number can be done at police stations with a ‘Foreigners Office’ (Oficina de extranjeros). In Barcelona it is located on Carrer Balmes 192 (10 minutes walk from Diagonal metro station.) The office is open from 9am to 2pm.

Useful tips

  • In some cities queues for the application of the NIE number can be reasonably long. Therefore make sure you bring along a book, magazine or newspaper to pass the time.
  • If for instance you’re in Spain for a language course which only lasts 4 to 5 months and you don’t intend to make any other applications at governmental bodies except for the NIE number, there is no need to apply for a ‘Certificado de registro como residente comunitario’ (residence permit).

How to apply for your NIE number

If you want to apply for the NIE number the following steps need to be taken:

  • 1. Download and print out the NIE number application form.
  • 2. Take the completed form, a valid passport or ID card, a copy of your passport or ID card (if you´re not an EU citizen you´ll also need to bring 2 passport photos and a proof of legal entry into Spain) to the police station on Carrer Balmes 192 where you´ll receive two documents: a form with a proof of application and a form with which you can pay for the costs of the NIE-number.
  • 3. Go to a nearby bank to pay for the NIE number (it costs about 9 or 10 Euros), return to the Foreigners Office in order to collect the NIE. For EU citizens getting a NIE number is now a lot easier and quicker than it used to be and now things can be done within a day.


  • If you are not an EU citizen you will need two passport photos
  • If you are not an EU citizen you must also bring a proof of legal entry into Spain

Costs of the NIE number

Costs may vary by province but an indication of the price of the NIE number is around 10 Euros.


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