About Barcelona

Barcelona has climbed positions in recent years to become one of the most attractive business destinations in Europe. Today the city is a very interesting place to live in and for new business.

A series of international indicators and some testimonials about Barcelona confirm the excellent position of Barcelona as an attractive city for business.

About Barcelona


Strategic geographical position

Two hours from France by road and an average of one day by road from the main European cities. Southern gateway to Europe, a port, an airport, Zona Franca, logistics parks, international trade fair and a city centre with a radius of just 5km.


Complete transport infrastructure

Network of motorways connected to Europe; fastest growing airport; biggest container port of the Mediterranean and first Spanish Port; comprehensive metro, train and bus network; arrival of the high speed train.


Dynamic economy with sustainable growth

70% of the region’s GDP; 2.5% growth in GDP in 2011, above the Spanish and European average; fifth largest industrial agglomeration in Europe; one of the five European cities with greatest growth potential up to 2011.


Market of 40 million consumers

Catalonia has 6 million inhabitants and Spain over 40 million; Spain is the 5th largest consumer market within the EU and the 7th within the OECD; purchasing power per inhabitant higher than the European average.


Major projects of the future

Transformation of 1,000 ha. and 7 million sqm of construction. Area of Llobregat: a commitment for logistics and internationalisation; Area of Besòs: sustainability, culture and diversity; La Sagrera-Sant Andreu: high speed train; Poblenou 22@BCN: a new urban planning for the new economy.


Successful foreign investment

Barcelona is rated the sixth best city in Europe for business; attracts about 20% of the foreign investment in Spain every year; 2,700 foreign companies: 94% satisfied, 80% forecast to increase sales in the short term; more than 90% will make further investments in the short term. Barcelona has consolidated itself as a centre for the European division of multinationals.


Oriented towards technology

The most modern fibre optic technology systems; 51% of the Internet users in Spain.


Human Resources prepared for the future

A major ethic of personal responsibility; a high level of productivity, Barcelona is one of the highest in Europe according to the OECD; 5 public universities; 2 private universities; 5 business schools: ESADE, IESE, EADA, IESKA and University of Chicago; high degree of penetration of new technologies, and a character inclined towards innovation and creativity.


Unique public-private partnerships

The City Council of Barcelona and the Catalan government have made a strong commitment to companies; the success of the public-private partnerships has been key to the transformation of Barcelona.


Excellent quality of life

The foremost city in Europe in terms of quality of life. Stable climate, sun, beaches, skiing; a splendid cultural and leisure offering, a network of 4,500 educational institutions, 24 international schools, a modern and accessible medical system.

Barcelona Sants

How to get here

By plane, car or train… even by boat! You can get to Barcelona by any means of transport. Here’s some information about all the available options to help you decide which type of transport suits you best.


Culture & Art

Art, culture, science and entertainment come together in Barcelona’s museums: Egyptian mummies and contemporary works of art, the reconstruction of a mangrove swamp and garments that have defined the history of fashion, the city’s Roman origins and one of Europe’s biggest sports clubs… The city’s cultural life is just as rich.

Plaza Catalunya

Attractions and leisure

Everybody loves leisure and having fun. And Barcelona offers fun for everyone: kids and adults, thrill seekers, and people in search of peace and quiet. You can walk among sharks, stroke dolphins, take a head-spinning ride on a roller coaster or enjoy the magnificent views of Barcelona and peaceful atmosphere of the parks. Although the best thing to do is try and fit them all in.



In Barcelona, you don’t have to choose between going shopping or sightseeing. Wherever you go, you’ll see that shops are part of city life. And while you discover unforgettable sights, you’ll be welcomed by the window displays of leading international brands, modern designer shops and traditional shops that have been there since time immemorial.


Eating in Barcelona

Enjoying Barcelona is like enjoying a good meal. Catalan gastronomy is one of the highlights of the culture of the region, which has a varied range of cuisine that is famed the world over. Bon appétit!


Interesting districts

What’s over here? And a couple of streets over there? Wherever you are in Barcelona, there’s always something to see nearby around the neighbourhood or local district: jewels of home-grown Catalan architecture, modernism and contemporary architecture, markets that are a treat for the senses, treasures of the ancient Roman and medieval city, parks where you can unwind … And the best thing of all is, you don’t have to be a great explorer to discover the best of Barcelona’s neighbourhoods.

Golf Barcelona

Barcelona Golf!

Can you imagine playing golf under a warm winter’s sun, on a grass course in perfect conditions, while the rest of Europe is shivering with cold? Imagine no more and come to Catalonia! There are few places in the world enjoying the meteorological conditions that make playing golf possible all year round. The average annual temperature in Catalonia varies between 18 and 23ºC and its geographical location, in the south of Europe and on the shores of the Mediterranean, ensures that it enjoys a superb climate. Catalonia is a welcoming and relaxed land, small in size but rich in contrasts and with wonderfully appealing, varied landscapes. And it is home to no less than 144 protected nature reserves.

Camp Nou, Messi and FC Barcelona!

FC Barcelona is “more than a club” in Catalonia because it is the sports club that most represents the area and is also one of its greatest ambassadors. Messi is an unusual player. He is highly creative and has the skills to take on defenders with ease. He is a versatile, left-footed player who can play in the middle, on either wing, or even as a centre forward. Messi may not be very tall, but he makes up for that in speed and agility, which allow him to evade the tackles of his opponents. His remarkable power and accuracy make him truly unique in free kicks and corners. He is cool-headed and able to assume several responsibilities when required. He is a player of today but also of the future.

Nou Camp Mesi

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